CIES football observatory have collected data from around world football to collate a list of the world’s 20 most valuable footballers.

Coronavirus has had a significant effect on the transfer market and as such many player’s valuations have plummeted. This has come due to the fact that clubs across Europe have seen their finances dwindle. With multiple revenue streams being cut off by the lack of live football taking place over the course of the last three months. 

Whilst some of the world’s biggest talents inevitably take their place in this list, notable admissions include Kevin De Bruyne, who doesn’t even feature in the top 50, and Lionel Messi (£88.9m) who ranks just 22nd on account of his age. Arsenal too failed to have a single player make the top 20. 

CIES releases the information bi-annually and estimates a player’s market value based on a unique algorithm, which takes into account elements such as age, position and contract length.