It seems like only yesterday when Newcastle United manager Kevin Keegan decided that an interview with Sky Sports was the time to lose his cool and bite back at comments made by Sir Alex Ferguson. However, it was, in fact, 23 years ago today when Keegan gave his “I would love it!” rant. After watching Newcastle’s 12-point lead over Manchester United at the top of the Premier League table in January be cut down to just a single point, Kevin Keegan was starting to lose his cool. United’s form looked ominous and after Newcastle beat Nottingham Forest, Ferguson stated that Forest might’ve not put in as much effort as they did against his side, much to Keegan’s chagrin. Keegan said on live TV that Ferguson “went down in his estimations” after he made those comments, saying his side were “still fighting for this title” and, famously, that “he would love it if we beat them, love it” which still remains one of the most memorable quotes if Premier League history. Unfortunately for Keegan, his side didn’t win the title and Man United did. In honour of Keegan’s rant, we’ve taken a look at some other famous sporting outbursts.